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Our Story

She who dares, WINS.

The Beginning

As Biggie said it himself, "It was all a dream..." And, it was. Growing up, working in the fashion industry was my end-all goal. Whether it was in styling, blogging, designing, owning a shop... There was nothing else for me. Naturally, I went the college route and subsequently tried to get a job in my field (fail). After being out of college for over 2 years, I decided the only way to pursue my goal was to start somewhere. And this is where I began.

The Name

Below, is a picture of me and my sweet fur baby, Sir Rufus Alexander (Wang), or RuRu, for short. He is a French bulldog/Boston Terrier mix and I love him to pieces. Of course, he was my inspo behind the name of the shop (Rufus+Boutique= Rutique).

The Owner

My name is Kelsey and I am a 27 year old beach bum, originally from Raleigh, NC. Opening this shop online is already exceeding my wildest dreams and I can't WAIT to grow and learn with y'all! My goal is to grow into a monster apparel e-commerce and expand my traveling trunk shows and pop-ups, while contributing my own custom designs. "Fashion goes in only one direction- forward- and I am a firm believe in thinking that way too." -Anna Wintour